Join Amanda Bostlund as she meets with various folks in Mi’kma’ki (Nova Scotia) and beyond to talk about forests as our shared ground, for all species, humans and not. Shared Ground explores the incredible value of thriving forests, methods and mindsets for their protection, and regenerative solutions for how we interact with and within them.

Episode 26: Compilation
Episode 20: SOOFSTOCK 2023
Episode 13: Bob Bancroft at the SOOF Launch
Episode 12: Donna Crossland at the SOOF Launch
Episode 11: Robert Bright at the SOOF Launch

“Bursting the Stubble Bubble: Citizen Scientists Measure Ecological Continuity Near Goldsmith Lake, Nova Scotia Using Calicioid Lichens and Fungi,” Ashlea Viola, Nina Newington, Jonathan Riley, Steven Selva, and Lisa Proulx Evansia 41(1), 9-18, (17 April 2024).

Abstract: In an effort to protect a forest on provincial land near Goldsmith Lake in Annapolis County, Nova Scotia, from timber harvest operations, a group of citizen scientists began documenting the biodiversity of the area. In December 2022, the group invited Dr. Steven Selva, a lichenologist specializing in calicioid lichens and fungi, to visit and teach them how to locate and collect calicioid specimens. We found 27 calicioid species, one of which was new to the Maritimes, providing additional evidence that the forest is rich in biodiversity and that the areas recognized as old-growth were larger than the provincial government had previously realized.

Photos by Citizen Scientists of Southwest Nova Scotia. Poster design by Ashlea Viola.